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  • 26 óra ezelőtt


    هلو انا جديد و ما اعرف انكليزي

  • 46 óra ezelőtt


    congratulations to all the team at chess.com. It is far and away the best chess site i love it.

  • 5 nap ezelőtt


    Good afternoon every body. I'm amateur chess player. I started to play only two week. But I have no more time to train because of my work :( 

  • 6 nap ezelőtt



  • 7 nap ezelőtt


    hey guys i really need help  i am going to play a tournament this coming friday and saturday i couldnt practise for a while and seem to lost my way tactical vision and stop seeing moves i really need help pls some one help should i play games.practise openings.tactitcs or puzzles pls help

  • 8 nap ezelőtt


    Quick suggestion.. In the article " Carlsen beats Mamedyaraov Quickly In Shamir", they have a chessboard that shows the game.. Its a standard chessboard I've seen in tons of articles. Why are there no board coordinates on these boards? I've never understood that. Board coordinates should be standard on all these types of boards.  Just a suggestion..


  • 9 nap ezelőtt


    playing game and screen goes black and hav to sign back in .? losing games and patience

  • 9 nap ezelőtt


    how do you become a staff member?

  • 2 hét ezelőtt


    you said that I lost 4 games, when according to my calculations, I lost 2 games .Soobschite in any game I lost 4 times and why for a draw is reduced rating. The last of my party has delayed the enemy and lost time but I did not add balls in the rating, why?

    forward to a quick response

    with respect


  • 2 hét ezelőtt



  • 2 hét ezelőtt


    im happy:)

  • 3 hét ezelőtt


    I´m happy with chess.com :)

  • 3 hét ezelőtt


    what a fantastic site great fun

  • 3 hét ezelőtt


    I paid for my sons enrollment at chess.com university but I know how to start? please help.

  • 3 hét ezelőtt


  • 4 hét ezelőtt


    I am enjoyng the site very much. It has a lot of nice features. Congratulations for all the team.

  • 4 hét ezelőtt


    Сайт супер. создатчикам респект.

  • 4 hét ezelőtt


    I am going to be very helpful what is wrong with this site loads of players are aborting before the game has started! why?  Then in one game which i didn't get to play aborted with my king pawn being swapped for a queen which wasin place of the black kings knigh starting position at beginning of the game all the other pieces where still at home!!!!

  • 4 hét ezelőtt


    Great site but the mechanics r not quite right. I lost a game I never played and when I asked them to check it out for me they replied by telling me there are no losers while learning chess ? What is the point of playing if u don't play to win, at least correct the mistake.

  • 5 hét ezelőtt


    very very very gooooood

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