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  • Stalemate! The Most Aesthetic Swindle

    I am constantly asked by students why stalemate is a draw and not a win. My answer (rightly or wrongly) is that chess is a better game because stalemate is a draw. Narrowly superior positions such as pawn up endings and even equal pawn endings oft... | Tovább

  • Games With Reality

    In my city, summer is already knocking at the door, and active days full of worries and affairs are coming. In such period of time like this, sometimes we want to get away from reality for a while and recharge ourselves by the things not only moti... | Tovább

  • CHECKMATES OF THE DAY - 05.04.2015 - day 145

    World Champion Mikhail Tal beat Michael Becker in a simul in Boston in 1988: White to move and mate in 1: World Champion Garry Kasparov won against P. Guerrero in a simul in Madrid in 1997: White to move and mate in 2: My student Julian Tr... | Tovább