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  • Australian Olympiad post-mortem

    The following is more of a diary entry of my thoughts about the Australian team's performance. If you have no interest in Australia's performance at the Olympiad, or the Olympiad, or chess, or my writing in general...Well, there are some photos ... | Tovább

  • Blitz vs Applesauce

    Next up... Applesauce... as in Manhattan.       All Time Series Record: (Boston leads 7 - 2) Starts at 7:40 PM EST, Weds., 9/03 Is it too early for a "Must win"... well, maybe... but, this is certainly a "Must not lose" match. Boston Blit... | Tovább

  • Update Coming Soon

    Hello everyone. Sorry for the delayed post. I have just moved to Columbus and have been pretty busy. I am working on an extensive post that will go up tomorrow. Please post any games/questions you may have and I may include it in my blog! All t... | Tovább