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  • No "Closer" in ARZ - BOS draw

    (Beat Reporter: Mark LaRocca) Those of us in the New England area surely remember the fiasco that was the Boston Red Sox "Closer by Committee".  The lesson learned was that if you have two closers... then you have none... and that's just the pro... | Tovább

  • First Contact

    As I rapidly approach - *gasp!* - thirty, it appears I've been going through some sort of premature midlife crisis. I've been aggressively travelling to new countries (three this Summer), flirting with various new hobbies and pursuits, will soon e... | Tovább

  • Very nice Puzzle

    Привет друзья!Попрбуйте решить не двигая фигур.Сколько времени вам понадобилось ?Я получил большое удовольствие, когда получилось )Hi gu... | Tovább