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Boris Gelfand Takes the Trophy in Moscow

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  • on 2013.06.23. 12:16.

Tomorrow he turns 45, and today he got himself a great birthday present. Boris Gelfand won the 8th Tal Memorial on Sunday in Moscow, and with it the golden trophy and the € 30,000 (US $39,420) first prize. Gelfand, who was the oldest participant, finished on 6/9 and a performance rating of exactly 2900. Magnus Carlsen finished second and took home € 20,000 (US $26,280) after drawing his game with Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. In the last round Hikaru Nakamura suffered his third straight loss, to Alexander Morozevich.

Going into the last round, Gelfand was half a point ahead of Carlsen. Facing Vladimir Kramnik with the black pieces - a man he had never beaten with black in classical chess - Gelfand was probably happy with a draw. He got it, easier than expected. The opening was a (very) Symmetrical English, and Black's important 12...Qb6 was in fact a move Kramnik had once played himself, in a rapid game with Vassily Ivanchuk. It looks like White has nothing better there than swapping everything, and that's what happened.

Boris Gelfand after his press conference

Magnus Carlsen now needed to beat Shakhriyar Mamedyarov to finish equal with Gelfand. In that case the Norwegian would have won the tournament on the second tiebreak rule: number of wins. (Yes, the same infamous tiebreak as the Candidates Tournament in London had.) However, Gelfand never really needed to worry, because if anyone would win that game it was Mamedyarov.

In a Fianchetto King's Indian with ...Bf5, the Azeri sacrificed a pawn in the opening and Carlsen didn't react well to it. Then, instead of Mamedyarov's automatic 17.Kg2, the move 17.Bb2! looks winning, and so both players had reasons to be disappointed at the press conference. Carlsen:

"I was looking for ways to complicate the game but probably it is much more dangerous for Black than it is for White. Certainly I underestimated the idea of the pawn sacrifice. I missed a number of things (...) Obvjectively, I was lucky to survive."

Mamedyarov & Carlsen after their game

Hikaru Nakamura's tournament finished horribly: the American also lost his last game, the third in a row. After round six he was still the proud leader, but eventually he finished on sixth place. On Sunday the American went down against Alexander Morozevich in a sideline of the Queen's Gambit Declined, after he had his chances in the middlegame. Black kept a passed pawn on c3, but weakened his kingside with ...h6 and ...g5. Nakamura tried to break it apart with h4 and Rg4, but soon his own king got into trouble. Trading the queens didn't help either; White lost an exchange and then the game.

Hikaru Nakamura finished on 4.5/9

Nakamura tweeted:

Some openings guarantee spectacle, and the Poisoned Pawn variation of the Najdorf is one of them. But, as it goes these days with sharp openings, the computer engines have analyzed many lines to equality. For top players who have the Najdorf on their repertoire, it's mainly a matter of remembering everything. This was certainly the case with the game Sergey Karjakin versus Viswanathan Anand. About the position after 16...Kxf7, the World Champion said:

"Here I reflected that this was one of the most ridiculous positions I can imagine. I mean, Black is not even sligthy lost looking, he looks completely busted! Castling with check, king g8, light squares, queen coming to g4, it looked completely busted except I happened to know it's drawn!"

The next time Vishy Anand plays chess is in November in Chennai

Fabiano Caruana and Dmitry Andreikin finished their tournament with a draw. The Russian grandmaster played the Deferred Steinitz and completed his development using only three ranks. Because Black threatened ...d6-d5, Caruana decided to push d4-d5 himself, when the game started to look like a King's Indian. Caruana missed Andreikin's 18...Nh5! (reminiscent of Spassky-Fischer, Reykjavik 1972) and was on the defensive side from that moment. When a pair of rooks went off the board, the worse was over for the Italian, who finished third in the tournament.

Tal Memorial prize winners: 1. Gelfand, 2. Carlsen, 3. Caruana
Boris Gelfand cashed € 30,000 (US $39,420)

2013 Tal Memorial | Results & pairings

Round 1 15:00 MSK 13.06.13   Round 2 15:00 MSK 14.06.13
Andreikin ½-½ Morozevich   Morozevich ½-½ Mamedyarov
Anand 0-1 Caruana   Kramnik 0-1 Nakamura
Gelfand ½-½ Karjakin   Karjakin ½-½ Carlsen
Carlsen 1-0 Kramnik   Caruana 0-1 Gelfand
Nakamura 0-1 Mamedyarov   Andreikin ½-½ Anand
Round 3 15:00 MSK 15.06.13   Round 4 15:00 MSK 17.06.13
Anand 1-0 Morozevich   Morozevich ½-½ Kramnik
Gelfand ½-½ Andreikin   Karjakin ½-½ Mamedyarov
Carlsen 0-1 Caruana   Caruana 0-1 Nakamura
Nakamura 1-0 Karjakin   Andreikin ½-½ Carlsen
Mamedyarov ½-½ Kramnik   Anand ½-½ Gelfand
Round 5 15:00 MSK 18.06.13   Round 6 15:00 MSK 19.06.13
Gelfand 1-0 Morozevich   Morozevich ½-½ Karjakin
Carlsen 1-0 Anand   Caruana ½-½ Kramnik
Nakamura ½-½ Andreikin   Andreikin ½-½ Mamedyarov
Mamedyarov ½-½ Caruana   Anand 0-1 Nakamura
Kramnik ½-½ Karjakin   Gelfand ½-½ Carlsen
Round 7 15:00 MSK 21.06.13   Round 8 15:00 MSK 22.06.13
Carlsen ½-½ Morozevich   Morozevich 0-1 Caruana
Nakamura 0-1 Gelfand   Andreikin ½-½ Karjakin
Mamedyarov ½-½ Anand   Anand ½-½ Kramnik
Kramnik 0-1 Andreikin   Gelfand ½-½ Mamedyarov
Karjakin ½-½ Caruana   Carlsen 1-0 Nakamura
Round 9 13:00 MSK 23.06.13        
Nakamura 0-1 Morozevich        
Mamedyarov ½-½ Carlsen        
Kramnik ½-½ Gelfand        
Karjakin ½-½ Anand        
Caruana ½-½ Andreikin        

2013 Tal Memorial | Final standings

# Player Rating 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 Points SB
1 Gelfand,B 2755 * ½ ½ ½ 1 1 ½ 1 ½ ½ 6.0/9
2 Carlsen,M 2864 ½ * ½ ½ 0 1 ½ ½ 1 1 5.5/9
3 Mamedyarov,S 2753 ½ ½ * ½ ½ 1 ½ ½ ½ ½ 5.0/9 22.25
4 Andreikin,D 2713 ½ ½ ½ * ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 1 5.0/9 21.50
5 Caruana,F 2774 0 1 ½ ½ * 0 ½ 1 1 ½ 5.0/9 21.00
6 Nakamura,H 2784 0 0 0 ½ 1 * 1 0 1 1 4.5/9
7 Karjakin,S 2782 ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 0 * ½ ½ ½ 4.0/9
8 Morozevich,A 2760 0 ½ ½ ½ 0 1 ½ * 0 ½ 3.5/9 15.75
9 Anand,V 2786 ½ 0 ½ ½ 0 0 ½ 1 * ½ 3.5/9 15.00
10 Kramnik,V 2803 ½ 0 ½ 0 ½ 0 ½ ½ ½ * 3.0/9

The 8th Tal Memorial took place June 12-23, 2013 at the technology center Digital October in Moscow, Russia. The total prize fund was 100,000 EUR. The official website provided live games, streaming video and commentary in Russian by GMs Alexander Grischuk, Peter Svidler, Sergey Rublevsky, Sergey Shipov, Ian Nepomniachtchi and Maxim Dlugy. Photos © Eteri Kublashvili courtesy of the Russian Chess Federation. Games via TWIC.

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  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


    Shocked to see Anand losing so many games. Wonder what will happen at the World Championship. In that photo, Carlsen looks to be in a casual mood. Maybe he knows he will win the championship. I still want Anand to make history.

  • 2 év ezelőtt


    Tracking turned off!

  • 2 év ezelőtt


    People like to read chessdoggblack because it's funny to see someone make so many stupid/idiotic posts Laughing

  • 2 év ezelőtt


    I must agree with sittingpawn here.

    Government paid vacation?  They must be an elected official.  Who else could use such poignant facts without making any sort of point or stance?

  • 2 év ezelőtt



     When you get back from your government subsidized trip to paris, I'd like to know what point was it you were trying to get us to see. I mean really all you did was just kinda use inappropriate derogatory remarks about carlsen. I have no intention of lieing (sic) on you or with you or around you, but you do have me intrigued as to what, if any, was the point you feel so strongly about.

  • 2 év ezelőtt


    "Over 60 Abdul and it's hard to believe you are still trolling on chess sites like this, quite unbelieveable actually.

    Guys let me repeat.....this man HAS been banned from a number of chess sites because he uses the exact same ' Modus Operandi '. He will make a point of letting everyone know that he is Black & Muslim and when the going gets tough, which invariably it does as he is incapable of being on the receiving end of any debate, he will run to the admin of the site claiming he was the victim of racial abuse."

    Someone needs to check his underwear for explosives, it looks like he is planning to blow up chess.com servers:)))

    Anyway Abdul relax, lets all take part in the only thing we all love - chess... and leave the politics aside, shall we?


  • 2 év ezelőtt


    Over 60 Abdul and it's hard to believe you are still trolling on chess sites like this, quite unbelieveable actually.

    Guys let me repeat.....this man HAS been banned from a number of chess sites because he uses the exact same ' Modus Operandi '. He will make a point of letting everyone know that he is Black & Muslim and when the going gets tough, which invariably it does as he is incapable of being on the receiving end of any debate, he will run to the admin of the site claiming he was the victim of racial abuse. He likes to challenge people to play but never follows through, not surprising as it's plain to see that his knowledge of anything is very limit.

    He is quite simply just a bitter old man who spends his days trolling sites.

  • 2 év ezelőtt


    My fellow Chessmen, need your help to win a bet. My claim is that in the Ivanchuk vs. Giri 4th Blitz match, Anish Giri deliberately threw the game away in a position that was obviously a draw. Its so obvious that even a patzer like me can see it. 

    NOW, my colleague bet me 50 bucks that the move Qb5 was forced and I am saying Anish just felt sorry for Chucky and let him have that one. It was a brilliant game by Chucky, considering he was a Queen vs. Bishop and Knight down, but still it was a simple theoretical draw.

    Be objective, so no favours, lets hear your opinions on this game. Thanks y'all.

    Chucky vs. Giri (Blitz 4)

  • 2 év ezelőtt



    Look, you're more than welcome to, "join the crowd" I'm not sure anyone would want to deny you that. What you need to understand is that the old adage about catching more flies with honey is not just some clever little quip. It's been tried and true practice for quite some time and you would show great wisdom in taking heed to it. I'm not sure if your comment was completely directed at me with regards to the rhymes and poetry part, or who/what you were speaking towards, but an insult of a person's intelligence is quite infantile and petty and should be beyond you. I mean look, if you want to post and garner support and feel important, go ahead but realize that with every post, as I myself will accomplish with this one, you leave yourself open to other's critiques and criticisms of you. If you cannot deal with such then it's time to retire and say, "So long and thanks for all the fish" to your fan. I'm sure he or she will be very disappointed but hey, life's a female dog ready to be bred, right? ;) Honestly though, we have a lot in common, neither of us drinks or does drugs, we both don't like Magnus and we both play chess and claim to be nice guys. You're interested in a game then challenge me and we'll duke it out over the board but I'm still sticking to my initial assessment that your remarks about Carlsen are prosaic and at times obnoxious and have little use other than to try and call attention to yourself.

  • 2 év ezelőtt


    nick_p12, I never meant to imply anything wrong about Anand.  He's surely one of the best players, and only a fool would argue that he hasn't been for over a decade.  Comparing their tournament results over the last year, one can't help but favor Carlsen.  The match will be tough.

    Even if Carlsen does win, at least Anand will come in second place. :-p

  • 2 év ezelőtt


    Whether Chessdoggblack has reading fans or not, I don't feel it matters.


    ClavierCavalier, you got yourself a follower. Your Point was nicely conveyed. Being a huge fan of Anand for his skills and his down-to-earth attitude, I would really like to argue back at the statement you made on Anand, for he is the reigning World champion and definitely One of The Greatest Minds on the Planet (which cannot be denied whatsoever). But even then, like you stated, Chessdoggblack is persistantly attacking Carlsen with his "Hate Speech in Italics" and his total Anti - Carlsen demeanour. I would seriously recommend him to put out his thoughts and views through the ways of his own blog, instead of spamming the comment box of these articles. 

    Really nicely posted by @webmaster. Congrats to Gelfand on his great achievement


  • 2 év ezelőtt


    I feel sad, that The Reigning World Champion wasn't able to perform in this Super Tourney

  • 2 év ezelőtt


    Acutally, I was wrong to imply that chessdoggblack will claim to have forseen Carlsen's vicotry in November.  Chessdoggblack will claim that Carlsen cheated, Anand took a bribe, that Anand didn't want the title any more, or some such nonsense.

  • 2 év ezelőtt


    Does chessdoggblack actually have reading fans?  I'm actually curious.  

    What I find interesting about chessdoggblack is how he constantly attacks Carlsen.  Why is this?  Often times he rants and raves about how wonderful Anand isbut Carlsen beat Anand in this tournament as well as the previous tournaments since the Gelfand vs. Anand WCC.  He completely ignores the fact that Carlsen got 2nd place despite losing 1 game.  His precious Anand got 9th place.

    If this was 1972chessdoggblack would say "Fischer lost the first game!  The tournament is over."  Followed by "Fischer lost the second game!  The tournament is over."  Finally, when Spassky gets his rear handed to him, our favorite troll would shout "I've predicted this all along.  Way to go Bobby Fischer."

  • 2 év ezelőtt



    I'm not sure if I misunderstand you (I'm not english native speaker), but in any case, please be assured I am NOT AT ALL a fan of chessdogg! Sorry if it may have given this impression. I meant to be sarcastic, shaking my head in total disbelief of what my eyes read. Peace! Smile

  • 2 év ezelőtt


    Great tournament!  Congratulations Boris Gelfand and Happy Birthday!

  • 2 év ezelőtt



  • 2 év ezelőtt


    What does the SB mean in the last column?  Is it for tie breaks?

  • 2 év ezelőtt


    It would be nice if next year's tournament has an English version for the enjoyment of non-cyrillic-abled chess lovers...I had to rely on Susan Polgar's website, who in turn borrowed from ChessBomb/Chessdom.

  • 2 év ezelőtt


    +1 if you're a fan of chessdogblack, I'm not sure he has any personally, so I'm curious to find out. When I see people complain about their freedom of speech I get very annoyed. It does not, nor has it ever meant, freedom to say anything without consequence. Just as you can criticize Carlsen, so too can you be criticized. I'm not sure what "news" you ever really bring to the table as I often found your posts trite and filled with copy and paste snippets which I abhor in this day of sound bites and tweets; This type of penny news and information has been proven as a detriment to mankind. While I'm no fan of Carlsen, your vitriol is beyond the pale and completely uncalled for.

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