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Hou Yifan: Women's World Champion

  • SonofPearl
  • on 2010.12.24. 12:33.

The 16-year old prodigy Hou Yifan today became the youngest Women's World Champion in history by beating her compatriot Ruan Lufei on tie-breaks in the final.

Hou Yifan takes the record from Maia Chiburdanidze who was 17 when she won the crown in 1978.

The first rapid tie-break game was drawn, but Yifan took the lead in the second.  Another draw followed before Hou Yifan put the icing on the cake with a win in the final game.

It was a wonderful victory for the young star, but spare a thought for the surprise package of the championship, the indomitable Ruan Lufei who eliminated the previous champion Alexandra Kosteniuk in the third round, and fought her way to the final with tie-breaks in every round.

An exciting finale to the championship...







Pictures from the official site

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  • 5 év ezelőtt


    Game 2 was an exceptional, a head to head all game long, and the sealing Game 4 tells us who is the next Women World Champion.

  • 5 év ezelőtt


    She is awesome!



  • 5 év ezelőtt


    Soviet Chess school is replaced by the Chinese chess school(atleast in Women category!).  Best wishes for the New Women WORLD  CHESS C HAMPION

  • 5 év ezelőtt


    I'm not a great chess player
    so I can not evaluate the specific matches
    but I know that to reach high levels (in any field)
    There must be good quality and many sacrifices!
    it's nice to see a young girl realize her dream!
    congratulations to the Women's World Champion!

  • 5 év ezelőtt


    Black should have been able to draw the game in round 2 by playing 73. ... Nxd5+, immediately winning two pawns for the knight, and then should be able to pick off the last pawn ensuring a draw.

  • 5 év ezelőtt


    youngster can do big things that is the thing that  yifan proves i hope that carlsen will be the next to be a world champ......

  • 5 év ezelőtt


    It was only a matter of time. Congrats to Yifan! Good luck trying to pry the title from her young hands.

  • 5 év ezelőtt


    awesome i really wanted her to win i love seeing youngster winning big things

  • 5 év ezelőtt


    Congratulations to both players!

    What a Great Game!!

  • 5 év ezelőtt


    new record in chess history.how nice.(',)

  • 5 év ezelőtt


    Raskolnikov_R - Only 200, and they're a good thousand above you.

  • 5 év ezelőtt


    Both China and India have been sleeping giants for a while...now that they have been awaken, the political, economic and social landscapes will never be the same.

  • 5 év ezelőtt


  • 5 év ezelőtt


    awesome i really wanted her to win i love seeing youngster winning big things

  • 5 év ezelőtt


    awes0me lady...... she n0w pr0ved that chinese are t0ugh n0 matter what kind 0f sp0rt they are in....i really admire the p0wer 0f china! eversince they c0nquer and swipe m0st 0f g0ld medals at the Beijing 0lympics...

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