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L.A. Resolution For Vishy Anand

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  • on 2013.07.21. 4:02.

Los Angeles city councilman Paul Krekorian introduced a resolution on behalf of World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand during Anand's recent visit to Southern California in July 2013.

"Vishy" Anand, as he is often called, was in Los Angeles by invitation from Metropolitan Chess, Inc. by founder Ankit Gupta for a camp that the organization had put together. The camp brought together over 100 youth attendees from all over the nation for a five day training session by internationally recognized coaches. This was Anand's second visit to California, previously having been invited by Metropolitan Chess, Inc. as well. He had an opportunity to interact with numerous youth players, many of whom are burgeoning stars of their own.

Ardashes Kassakhian, city clerk, presented Anand with the special resolution by Los Angeles City. The resolution reads:

WHEREAS, VISWANATHAN ANAND is a grandmaster of chess and the current world chess champion, and

WHEREAS, in 1987, VISWANATHAN ANAND became India's first Grandmaster and youngest Grandmaster in the world at that time, and

WHEREAS, VISWANATHAN ANAND has won the World Chess Championship five times (2000, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012), and has been the undisputed world champion since 2007, and,

WHEREAS, VISWANATHAN ANAND has successfully defended his title against the best players in chess time and again, and,

WHEREAS, VISWANATHAN ANAND has become an ambassador for chess in his native country of India and around the world, and,

WHEREAS, VISWANATHAN ANAND has helped spread the benefits of learning and playing chess to many young Americans, and

WHEREAS, the city of Los Angeles has a growing chess community and many passionate chess players have followed VISWANATHAN ANAND's career and success, and,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that by the adoption of this resolution, the city of Los Angeles, hereby congratulates VISWANATHAN ANAND on all his success and thanks him for sharing his passion with the world.

The resolution was seconded by all 15 city council members of Los Angeles.

L-R Anand, Kassakhian, Gupta

Kassakhian also presented Anand with a key to the City of Glendale, which is just North of Los Angeles, and boasts a large Armenian population and chess heritage. Throughout their meeting as well, Kassakhian acknowledged Anand's upcoming title defense in November 2013 against Norwegian wunderkid and grandmaster Magnus Carlsen. This world championship match will be played in Anand's hometown of Chennai.

“It was a true honor and pleasure to meet with Mr. Anand and wish him luck on his upcoming title defense,” expressed Kassakhian. “He is an engaging and caring individual and it was wonderful to see him take time out to work with children who aspire to play at his level one day.”

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  • 23 hónap ezelőtt

    CM mortalbovine

    @ cafestream:  I believe Anand had one loss and one draw in the simul in Los Angeles.

  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


    Well recognized.

  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


    Chess black doggie quit right away your attention-seeking! Anand is gentlemanly ambassador for the game.

  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


    anand is very tall....

  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


    Good luck to Anand in November!

  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


    Just shut up already, chessdoggblack

  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


    One must appreciate Annand's ability to play draw when needed, as said by Kasparov.

  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


    Nice honour. Well-done LA!

  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


    How many games did Anand win/ loss/ draw in the simul?

  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


    Anand is good, but I think that Magnus Carlsen will win, it will be a good match

  • 24 hónap ezelőtt



    anand is not better the me



  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


    Regardless of who it is and where, it is nice to see the game get some recognition. 

  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


    anand is not better the me

  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


    One of the only bright spots in L.A. it is wonderful that Vishy could come to California to help our our kids in their summer camp for the second time.  He is a great champion and ambassador for chess.

  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


    I wish that the city councilmen of los angeles, instead of grandstanding with Anand would instead apologize for their police actions when looking for Dorner as far as violating everyone's constitutional rights by checking everyone's homes and vehicles without warrants, for their police shooting up a car with two women passengers injuring them, because they thought they were Dorner.  Also, instead the city of LA councilmen should be investigating the death of Michael Hastings investigative journalist car that blew up, and should be questioning why the police are not allowing the media to see the autopsy, and have told all the police and fire fighters not to talk about it.  They should instead be dismantling the regime they have setup in L.A. instead of doing photo ops with Anand!!!!

  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


    Thanks marcokim

  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


    I understand that Viswananthan Anand hates being called "Vishy"... his real name is Anand, Viswanathan is his fathers name in Tamil culture. The Hindu dominated press call him "Vishy" which is sounds ok in Hindi but is not even correct in Tamil.

  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


    he has been an insiparation for me ..a real genius

  • 24 hónap ezelőtt


    No one has done so much in any sport single handedly than Anand has done in chess in India...

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