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Tata Steel Closing Ceremony Photos

  • SonofPearl
  • on 2013.01.29. 11:25.

tata_logo blue.jpgThe 2013 Tata Steel Chess tournament took place from 12-27 January in Wijk aan Zee in the Netherlands.

Magnus Carlsen won the A Group competition with a fantastic score of 10/13, equalling Garry Kasparov's record score in the 1999 competition.

The tournament was a resounding success and we look forward to more great chess in Wijk aan Zee in 2014!

In the meantime, here are some photos from the closing ceremony in the De Moriaan Center.


Dinner is served!



There are many hungry mouths to feed!



Magnus Carlsen is among them...



Magnus Carlsen receives his trophy

Tata Steel Closing Ceremony 2013 Magnus Carlsen Vishy Anand.jpg


Tata Steel Closing Ceremony 2013 Magnus Carlsen.jpg


The proud winner with his trophy

Tata Steel Closing Ceremony 2013 Magnus Carlsen with trophy.jpg


A Group 2nd place: Lev Aronian, 4th: Sergey Karjakin, 3rd: Vishy Anand, 1st: Magnus Carlsen

Tata Steel Closing Ceremony 2013 Lev Aronian, Sergey Karjakin, Vishy Anand, Magnus Carlsen.jpg


B Group Runner-Up: Richard Rapport, 1st: Arkadij Naiditsch, 3rd place: Jan Smeets

Tata Steel Closing Ceremony Richard Rapport, Naiditsch, Jan Smeets.jpg


B Group Runner-Up, 16 year-old Richard Rapport

Tata Steel Closing Ceremony Richard Rapport.jpg


C Group 3rd place: Robin Swinkels, Runner-Up: Fernando Peralta, 1st: Sabino Brunello

Tata Steel Closing Ceremony Robin Swinkels, Ferendo Peralta, Sabino Brunello.jpg


C Group Winner Sabino Brunello

Tata Steel Closing Ceremony Sabino Brunello.jpg


Chess Committee chairman Dolf Vos retired after 15 years.
He was awarded a Royal Decoration presented by the Mayor of Beverwijk.

Tata Steel Closing Dolf Vos.jpg


UPDATE: The final video for the last round and closing ceremony is now available below!

Pictures from the official website.

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  • 14 hónap ezelőtt


    Super for Carlson, and others winners.

  • 14 hónap ezelőtt


    ezra4moso why we don't play so i crash ur ass. hahaha boastful!

  • 15 hónap ezelőtt


  • 15 hónap ezelőtt


    need to praise the people who's behind that kind of trophy,,,,Money mouth,,nothing special(CHEAP Looking)

  • 15 hónap ezelőtt


    that play of magnus? i don't think he can win on me.

  • 15 hónap ezelőtt


    Did anyone else notice Magnus holding that trophy.  Is that the best 1st place trophy they could come up with? 

  • 15 hónap ezelőtt


    Wow, GM Rapport is only 16!

  • 15 hónap ezelőtt


    Thanks to the chess.com for live of the tournment.

  • 15 hónap ezelőtt


    When will the candidates tournament start?

  • 15 hónap ezelőtt


    Cant wait for the candidates tournament!

  • 15 hónap ezelőtt


    @ Shivsky

    You are right the candidates can easily be won by Kramnik, if the the Russians Grischuk and Svidler decide to lose their games against him.


    Kramnik could be completely unaware that the Russian Chess Federation and Russian Government force Grischuk and Svidler to lose their games against him.


    It is impossible to demonstrate that someone loses a game intentionally.

    A very slight inaccuracy at the end of the first time control and another one at the end of the second time control is all it takes to lose a game against a very strong endgame tactician like Kramnik.


  • 15 hónap ezelőtt


    Really wonder what Anand's prep. against Carlsen will be like.

    Not saying it is a foregone conclusion that he'll emerge the challenger, but the boy of destiny does have this whole "destiny" thing in his script right about now.

  • 15 hónap ezelőtt



       Laughing                CoolWink                 Kiss

  • 15 hónap ezelőtt


    I'm allways pulling for Nakamura because he's US and I love his competitiveness.  As for Carlsen and Anand:  Until Carlsen becomes WC, he'll always be the spoiled brat who lost his chance for a childish reason.  And Anand will always be one of the few men in history to be the World Champion.

  • 15 hónap ezelőtt


    World Champion is a title Anand snared when he was at the top of his game. It's up to the young lions to take this title if they are up to the challenge.

    Let's keep in touch in tradition.

  • 15 hónap ezelőtt


    The World #1 and The World Champion, in two different bodies. Not in recent times has this been the case. Looking forward for Anand vs Thor next year for the WCC.

  • 15 hónap ezelőtt


    is the prize still a secret?

  • 15 hónap ezelőtt


    One of the most exciting tournaments in recent history!

    Magnus once again separating himself from the pack.....

  • 15 hónap ezelőtt



  • 15 hónap ezelőtt


    And sonofpearl, I think you forgot Dolf Vos in the third-to-last one.

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