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    glad u have fun playing..

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    Maybe one day Festus will take the blinders off and realize that Cali is only now recuperating from the cancer known as the repubs, lol. It takes a while to beat a cancer and get back to health, but that's what we're seeing in Cali. 

    And don't be surprised if Texas soon decides to fight its own cancer, and becomes the next big blue state -- lol. And when they do I will say to Texas: Welcome back to the US -- lol. 


    Right back at'cha, festus -- 

    Hey it's all in good fun. 

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    Isn't it possible for black to take on a3 with the bishop and then go b4? Second game.

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    Mineralfellow, instead of 6. Ka7, just play Kb5, and walk to the kingside, while the black king is busy with your a-pawn.

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    How is the final position not a draw?

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    Great Job!  I love how you mix up the openings.  It works great with the  blindfold...  we get a GM who analyzes games a bit more simalar those of us mortals :)  Excellent teacher, keep 'em coming!!!  

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    I am enjoying these videos - many thanks. It would be interesting to know the level of your opponents if possible

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