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  • 23 hónap ezelőtt


    Thank you Coach Dejan.

  • 24 hónap ezelőtt

    GM dbojkov

    Still in the top five though Smile

  • 2 év ezelőtt


    Capablanca is officially in my top-5 favourite players ever! A great insight to his flexable and very creative approach to chess Cool

  • 2 év ezelőtt

    GM dbojkov

    Yes, Capa could be sharp whenever he wished to ;)

  • 2 év ezelőtt


    Beautiful games.  Thanks for sharing.

  • 2 év ezelőtt


    Hope i can get a piece of genuity in your game

  • 2 év ezelőtt


    Capablanca why you soooo goooood???

  • 2 év ezelőtt


     Amazing game, wonderful lecture!

  • 2 év ezelőtt


    Wow Capablanca was also in fact a dynamic genius one of the best energetic        player ever! Tx a lot for the analysis!

  • 2 év ezelőtt


    Great game followed by a great combo, BTW where did the combo come from? I couldn't find it in "The Unknown Capablanca" (RHM Press, 1973)

    Also am I the only person having problems with the video software here? It routinely stops dead in the water a few to several times during each video I've watched recently.

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