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    Mental gold. 

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    opened ticket to chess.com support they are working on the video issue. I'm sure they will fix it soon.

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    Can't bring up your vido.  Only get commentary page.

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    I can't watch them either. Not since the update.

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    Still can't watch videos ???

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    Awesome video yet again, Danny. Keep up these pawn structure videos! They're some of the best stuff on this here site.

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    Phlavsa in America beginning college courses are labeled as 101.

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    Can't view the videos on the website using the iPad anymore. However, they still work via the app for the iPad. What changed?

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    love this guy

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    Great series and complex opening strategy very well presented. I am a "sideline monkey" as he calls it who tries to avoid all this real knowledge with the Smith Morra and c3 lines so this will be very valuable. 

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    why no end?

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    Excellent. Ty. 

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    The truth is you are great!  Thanks for all the wonderful videos!  God bless you and keep the videos coming!

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    Looking forward to the next section.  Thanks Danny!

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    Although I never play 1.e4 really it's great to see the detail and thought process behind such a sharp and complex system, ACE! Cool

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    why 101? what do I miss?

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    This was awesome and highly instructive. I concur with dzindzifan! I finally got it!    Your live sessions are like candy for the brian. I love them and don't agree with dannyhan. Like most people I want more. You are the heart and soul of Chess.com

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    Danny, I am in awe!  I've played this and against this my whole life but after watching this video I think I understand things better than ever. You are a great teacher!

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    IM DanielRensch

    Wow @dennyhan -- Please don't tell me how you really fee Tongue out

    Most people want those all the time, so I've started doing more on our YouTube channel, so I can do more of these here.

    Thanks all...


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    My favorite video series is back!  Glad to see you're reviving this old faithful.  For me, this is the best thing going on chess.com.

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