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  • 13 hónap ezelőtt


    Thanks for sharing your analysis of your games. It helps to understand planning during a game.

  • 20 hónap ezelőtt


    A nicely annotated game! thanks for sharing Cool

  • 23 hónap ezelőtt


    Well commented video, so  in the end it wasn't really the opening though

    it probably affected your time control. Good motif about the pin on the king

    and black's bishop target on g2 and the misplaced white knight on F4.

  • 23 hónap ezelőtt


    Thank you for the video. I always like to have a game annotated by one of the players.

  • 23 hónap ezelőtt


    Nice game; from now on you're going to be in her head because you're using this new weapon; she was in your head in this game still but next time you can hit her with either the Nimzo or Bogo or KID either way you're making progress against her. 

  • 23 hónap ezelőtt


    Congrats with your new opening. I also have been thinking of using the Nimzo.

  • 23 hónap ezelőtt


    nice lesson.....

  • 23 hónap ezelőtt


    great video tatev!

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