A Budapest Gambit Assault

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  • | 2007. aug. 21.
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The sacrifice of a queen in the course of a game is something all chess players would like to have a taste of. The opportunity does not come easy, but when it does, we're always too eager to play it. Just imagine yourself slamming your queen down on the board for the last time before it is removed, and then going on to avenge her with a vengeance. You would probably bask in the glory of that brilliant sacrifice for years to come!  


Well, for those who love attacking chess, or sac-ing queens for that matter, here's yet another beautiful piece for you to savour! This game, though probably not as fascinating as that of Topalov and Kramnik in the World Championship Match 2006, is definitely not one you should miss.  


In this game, Black, International Master Ashot Nadanian plays his pet opening the Budapest Gambit against Grandmaster Wu Shaobin and goes on to prove this "dubious" opening really does offer some really cool attacking chances! So, sit back, remember to open the movelist, and lets go!



Hope you enjoyed the game as much as I have enjoyed annotating it! Look out for more of my Budapest games! Till then! (Just a note: for those who haven't read my article on the Most Exciting game of 2006, do go take a look! Its really worth your time!)


Tim Wee, Singapore 21/8/2007


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    i have had games where i offer up my queen for free but my foe sees the trap and does not take. sigh it would be awesome to force them to take the queen.

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    crazy!! Shud try ..........

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    What an amazing and brilliant victory for black! The game will make you wish you could do that!

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    well, is you aren't a GM u should be very carefull when u want to do a queen sacrifice, i ofen do that and i realise after that i've missed something ... how sad Embarassed. But when my plan works perfectly i'm so happy Laughing
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    nice job, great game.
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    Really a very good game & we can learn a lot from this game


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  • 9 év ezelőtt


    Agreed, although in some lines, such as the Bf4 line, it often becomes quite quiet!
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    its not boring opening...lots of fireworks...
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    Congratulations!  Very good game!

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    Hello friends. Nice game. See you!!!Cool
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    Great combination and a good tactical from the blacks!!!
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    nice game


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    Haha, yeah, I'm really happy to have such trainers who have such amazing games! But yeah, not everyone can play the Budapest, those who prefer more solid games should stick to the other main lines I guess.

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    You must be lucky to have them as trainers in your country!  Proves how much you can achieve if you make no more than one pawn move in the opening!  And lots of piece moves.  But Budapest is not for everyone. 
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    That was truly an awesome game.
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    Wonderful yaar
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    That was awesome, great annotation as well.
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    Most coincidentally, this very game which I have annotated has been published in a british chess magazine (whose name i cannot remember at present), and annotated by a good friend of Ashot! (just some background, both ashot and wu are trainers at my country)


    The annotator, if you've heard about him before, is IM Tibor Karolyi, a well known trainer who gives really good opening preparation! Anyway, he described Ashot as "Kasparov's half brother", stating the similarities between them, such as their readiness to take risks (especially in Kasparov's earlier chess life!). It's a very good article and he delved into many more alternatives than myself. Perhaps you might want to see it and some other really crazy games when Ashot wins with his wing attacks against some other very good players!


    Will provide the name and edition next time =)

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    This game remember me "The game of the century" match between Donald Byrne and Bobby Fischer on October 17th, 1956.


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