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  • Offline Coaching Offer

    Hi chess friends! I want to inform you about my new coaching proposal, to help the people that are very busy at work that have problems to do live sessions. I offer a very interesting offline coaching program, how does it work? 1) I will see al... | Tovább

  • R.I.P Evgeny Gik

    Evgeny Gik was a hugely popular Soviet and Russian chess author. He died yesterday, seemingly of a sudden stroke, aged 73. I grew up on Gik's books. His writings covered much more than chess - he wrote about many popular number, word and board g... | Tovább

  • Pattern recognition is important, but misunderstood

    Chances are you've heard that chess is all about pattern recognition. That said, one shouldn't say that they have to have seen the pattern to be able to find it. IMHO chess strength is not only based on how many patterns you know, but also whether... | Tovább