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  • What we can learn from Bullet Super Grandmasters

    This post will be a little different. We'll be learning from a game of a bullet super-grandmaster a couple of their key traits that we can implement in our own games:Principal #1: take free material if isn't a blunder (it tends to be easier to pla... | Tovább

  • Game of the Week: Blunderfest

    Often, it can be very easy to focus on the games where we played exceptionally well, but the truth is that not all games are so pretty. In order to truly get a good picture of your own skill, it is important to analyze all your games--even the one... | Tovább

  • Paralaysis by Analysis

    I got flagged (for only the 2nd time ever in 1200+ games!) in my round 2 game of the Leigh Hunt Memorial. I could easily blame it on the fact that were using an analog clock and I thought I still had 3 minutes left, while thinking my opponent only... | Tovább