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Garry Kasparov, the Thirteenth World Champion, tremendously influenced the development of chess with his games, analyses, and writings. The quality of this work has greatly enriched our chess culture, and Chess Informant has had the privilege of presenting the fruits of his deep analytical work for more than thirty years.

The number thirteen has always been Garry's lucky number, and Chess Informant 113 sees the return of his analytical work in the pages of this traditional publication.  Seven years after his retirement from professional chess, Chess Informant is deeply honoured  to welcome Garry back! In the new column, "Garry's Choice,"   he will be annotating select games from recent practice, casting his critical eye on the efforts of modern chess stars – and mere "mortals"   – in his trademark style.


You would never guess in a hundred tries as to what game Garry chose to start his inaugural column. Editorial board couldn't, either! I will only reveal that he describes  it as "a unique guest even on chess Olympus" and claimed he "had  never seen anything like it in my chess career"!

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    Put this thing out as an iPad app. Talk to Jeremy Silman, he's doing it with his books.

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    GM GMTadic

    @ Ziryab. Yes, it's pity, I know. Partly, the problem is that pgn have to be protected since it's commercial product. That's why it can be found only in Three in one CD, which is far away from ideal but still it is some way of protection. At least, I think that the price for Three in one, is pretty acceptable.

    The other problem is that we are not too much happy with old CI Expert system. It has to be updated but it's big project that can be made only through partnership with software specialists. In a meantime, we prefer good ol' book and CD is more addition than the first choice. 

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    I like the recent changes to Chess Informant. I usually get them late, in the three in one CDs, which means waiting for this one. I wish they had a CD only subscription option. They have book only, and book + CDs subscriptions. I have seven print editions, but the first 112 electronic. Now that 113 is out, my collection is again incomplete. Cry

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    GM GMTadic

    I am particulary exciting since he is annotating new games, not some classics. I am not authorized to reveal what is the game in Informant 113 but it's truly a surprise.

    And, this is only one of many new columns written in English, which was not the case with Informant content in all history.

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    Quite a coup for Informant! Cool

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    This is great! Glad to see him back.

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