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    • Against All Odds: Education, Race & Chess

      RZA playing International Master the late EmoryTate, Jr. Photo: Eric Arnold Against All Odds: Education, Race, and Chess by Adisa Banjoko and Arash Daneshzadeh | Teaching students, “The World Is Yours” A few years ago, I was asked to speak ... | Bővebben

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      • | 2016. jan. 13.
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    • Be Inspired: New Video by HHCF Founder

      2016 is starting strong for the Hip-Hop Chess Federation. Their Founder started a new video series produced by YouTube Remix King Mike Relm (known for his Star Wars, Iron Man and Avengers video remixes). Mike Relm and Adisa Banjoko have a series o... | Bővebben

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      • | 2016. jan. 7.
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    • HHCF Year in Review: PLUS A New Book from Adisa The Bishop

      2015 was a great year for HHCF. We had a lot of ups and downs, and some rocky seas here and there. But in the end, we have grown in many ways. This year HHCF Chess and Life Strategies methodologies were taught to more than 1000 kids. 50% were Lati... | Bővebben

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      • | 2015. dec. 29.
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    • Please Donate to HHCF Chess & Jiu-Jitsu Initiative

      As the year comes to a close please consider giving to the HHCF, the worlds first 501c3 to fuse music, and chess. We appreciate any help we can get. Right now we are rapidly expanding in urban areas of the SF Bay Area and St. Louis. Our goal is to... | Bővebben

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      • | 2015. dec. 14.
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    • HHCF Founder Pens Article for St. Louis American

        Of all the things chess can give a child, the most beautiful thing is a smile. That smile usually reflects the joy of a young person realizing their inner wisdom. By helping them identify their intelligence, without trying to guide it, my o... | Bővebben

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      • | 2015. nov. 27.
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    • HHCF Releases Trap King T-Shirt for Black Friday

      Black Friday is here and HHCF has just what you need!! HHCF Trap King t shirts are in high demand because they are super rare. (We have not made shirts in a few years). The Trap King shirt is made to inspire those who are never satisfied with draw... | Bővebben

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      • | 2015. nov. 27.
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    • RZA Donates to HHCF to Benefit St. Louis Youth

      For Immediate Release Contact: Meek Gaborski 888-588-4418   RZA Donates to Hip-Hop Chess Federation to Benefit the Youth of St. Louis HHCF Board Member RZA Helps Launch Chess Initiative for Juvenile Hall Students in St. Louis   Nov. 1st 2... | Bővebben

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      • | 2015. nov. 1.
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    • New Footage Emerges from Oberlin Chess Lecture on Bobby Fischer, Bruce Lee & Bambaataa

      Earlier this year I gave a talk at Oberlin College in the science dept. It was the first time I spoke about the history and impact of the fusion of Hip-Hop and chess. Only a small portion of it was covered in my work at the World Chess Hall of Fam... | Bővebben

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      • | 2015. okt. 18.
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    • Help Hip-Hop Chess Give Kids and Edge in Class and the Streets

      American teens fall into drugs, pregnancy and violence after school when they are not involved in activities that cultivate their minds and bodies. Youth violence is the thirs leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15-24.  We h... | Bővebben

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      • | 2015. okt. 9.
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    • Lecture on Bobby, Bruce and Bambaataa at HHCF HQ w/ Special Guest Ryron Gracie

        Hip-Hop, MMA and Chess Unite at Bobby, Bruce and Bambaataa Lecture Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Master Ryron Gracie at HHCF HQ for Q&A on How Martial Arts Promote Peace in Our Community   San Jose, CA, 8/26/15-  The Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF... | Bővebben

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      • | 2015. aug. 25.
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