Candidates Tournament Round 10

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The race for the finish line is underway at the London Candidates Tournament!  In round 10, Vladimir Kramnik scored his second win of the tournament by beating his compatriot Alexander Grischuk with the black pieces in a Berlin endgame. Kramnik popularised the Berlin when he used it successfully against Kasparov in their 2000 world championship match, and he used it to good effect again today.  Grischuk is known for his ability to play good moves quickly in time-trouble, but even he can make mistakes and 30.Bxd4 was a miscalculation which cost the game.

Vladimir Kramnik won his second game of the tournament to stay in contention




Lev Aronian faced Vassily Ivanchuk and today's random opening from Chucky was the Budapest Gambit. "I just wanted to play it, so I played it" he answered, less than helpfully to an enquiry in the press conference after the game.

It wasn't the unusual choice of opening that did for Ivanchuk though, it was his familiar foe: the clock. Yet again, he ran very short of time and blundered in an otherwise reasonable position.  A shocking tournament for the Ukrainian, and Aronian was the latest beneficiary of his largesse.

Lev Aronian ponders his next move while Magnus Carlsen looks on



Aronian's win put him temporarily back at the top of the standings, but meanwhile Magnus Carlsen was nursing a long-term advantage against Boris Gelfand deep into a tricky endgame.  Eventually, Carlsen established connected passed pawns that Gelfand was unable to stop, and it was another vital win for the Norwegian, keeping him in the tournament lead.

Magnus Carlsen kept ahead of the pack with another win




The other game of the day was a short draw between Teimour Radjabov and Peter Svidler.  After a disastrous few rounds Radjabov was clearly content to settle for damage limitation, his only ambition being to stop the rot.

Teimour Radjabov has had a disappointing tournament




The standings after 10 rounds

Name Fed Elo Pts
Magnus Carlsen NOR 2872 7
Levon Aronian ARM 2809
Vladimir Kramnik RUS 2810 6
Peter Svidler RUS 2747
Alexander Grischuk RUS 2764
Boris Gelfand ISR 2740
Vassily Ivanchuk UKR 2757
Teimour Radjabov AZE 2793



The 2013 Candidates Tournament runs from 14 March - 2 April in London, with the winner earning the right to challenge current world champion Vishy Anand for the title.

The tournament is an 8-player double round-robin event and the venue is The IET at 2 Savoy Place on the banks of the river Thames. The total prize fund is €510,000 (approx 665,000 USD). 

All rounds start at 14:00 GMT, and the time control is 2 hours for 40 moves, then an extra hour added for the next 20 moves, then 15 minutes more with a 30 second increment to finish.

The official FIDE website coverage is at

Round-by-Round Pairings

Round 1  15/03/13   
Levon Aronian ½ - ½ Magnus Carlsen
Boris Gelfand ½ - ½ Teimour Radjabov 
Vassily Ivanchuk  ½ - ½ Alexander Grischuk 
Peter Svidler  ½ - ½ Vladimir Kramnik
Round 2  16/03/13   
Magnus Carlsen ½ - ½ Vladimir Kramnik
Alexander Grischuk  ½ - ½ Peter Svidler 
Teimour Radjabov  1 - 0 Vassily Ivanchuk 
Levon Aronian 1 - 0 Boris Gelfand
Round 3  17/03/13   
Boris Gelfand 0 - 1 Magnus Carlsen
Vassily Ivanchuk  0 - 1 Levon Aronian
Peter Svidler  1 - 0 Teimour Radjabov 
Vladimir Kramnik ½ - ½ Alexander Grischuk 
Round 4  19/03/13   
Magnus Carlsen 1 - 0 Alexander Grischuk 
Teimour Radjabov  ½ - ½ Vladimir Kramnik
Levon Aronian ½ - ½ Peter Svidler 
Boris Gelfand ½ - ½ Vassily Ivanchuk 
Round 5  20/03/13   
Vassily Ivanchuk  ½ - ½ Magnus Carlsen
Peter Svidler  ½ - ½ Boris Gelfand
Vladimir Kramnik ½ - ½ Levon Aronian
Alexander Grischuk  ½ - ½ Teimour Radjabov 
Round 6  21/03/13   
Peter Svidler  0 - 1 Magnus Carlsen
Vladimir Kramnik ½ - ½ Vassily Ivanchuk 
Alexander Grischuk  ½ - ½ Boris Gelfand
Teimour Radjabov  0 - 1 Levon Aronian
Round 7  23/03/13   
Magnus Carlsen ½ - ½ Teimour Radjabov 
Levon Aronian ½ - ½ Alexander Grischuk 
Boris Gelfand ½ - ½ Vladimir Kramnik
Vassily Ivanchuk  ½ - ½ Peter Svidler 
Round 8  24/03/13  
Magnus Carlsen ½ - ½ Levon Aronian
Teimour Radjabov  0 - 1 Boris Gelfand
Alexander Grischuk  1 - 0 Vassily Ivanchuk 
Vladimir Kramnik 1 - 0 Peter Svidler 
Round 9  25/03/13  
Vladimir Kramnik ½ - ½ Magnus Carlsen
Peter Svidler  ½ - ½ Alexander Grischuk 
Vassily Ivanchuk  1 - 0 Teimour Radjabov 
Boris Gelfand 1 - 0 Levon Aronian
Round 10  27/03/13  
Magnus Carlsen 1 - 0 Boris Gelfand
Levon Aronian 1 - 0 Vassily Ivanchuk 
Teimour Radjabov  ½ - ½ Peter Svidler 
Alexander Grischuk  0 - 1 Vladimir Kramnik
Round 11  28/03/13  
Alexander Grischuk  Magnus Carlsen
Vladimir Kramnik Teimour Radjabov 
Peter Svidler  Levon Aronian
Vassily Ivanchuk  Boris Gelfand
Round 12  29/03/13  
Magnus Carlsen Vassily Ivanchuk 
Boris Gelfand Peter Svidler 
Levon Aronian Vladimir Kramnik
Teimour Radjabov  Alexander Grischuk 
Round 13  31/03/13  
Teimour Radjabov  Magnus Carlsen
Alexander Grischuk  Levon Aronian
Vladimir Kramnik Boris Gelfand
Peter Svidler  Vassily Ivanchuk 
Round 14  01/04/13
Magnus Carlsen Peter Svidler 
Vassily Ivanchuk  Vladimir Kramnik
Boris Gelfand Alexander Grischuk 
Levon Aronian Teimour Radjabov 


Look out for details of TV coverage of the event at this page.

Pictures by Ray Morris-Hill.

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  • 4 év ezelőtt


    I don't think there was any fixing but I predicted Chucky would lose to most and win/draw v Carlsen ruining the standings! xD

  • 4 év ezelőtt


    Keep magnus!

  • 4 év ezelőtt


    qe2 and qe4 were strokes of genius by Carlsen

  • 4 év ezelőtt


    I dont know if you can claim match fixing, but it is certainly dissappointing that Aronian has been given two games by Ivanchuck.  At this point, it will be a shame if Aronian actually wins the tournament, unless he wins by 2 1/2 points.  It is unfortunate.

  • 4 év ezelőtt


    Why are the Russians always helping the Russians? This is so pathetic!

    Ivanchuk handed Aronian 2 wins already for FREE!

    Grishuck for Kramnik in a completly one-sided game which clearly saw match-fixing!

    I hope they catch this matchfixing sooner or later.. this is beyond pathetic!

    Fischer vs The Russians and now..

    Carlsen vs The Russians

  • 4 év ezelőtt


    I'm not seeing Carlsen dominating this thing as all the hoopla would suggest. What I am seeing is the top three pushing it to the limit with little more than a razor-thin margain separating them.

  • 4 év ezelőtt


    Magnus is nearly there; unless for a negative MIRACLE!

  • 4 év ezelőtt


    The top three players in the tournament are performing way better than the others in the scoreboard.

  • 4 év ezelőtt


    Calrsen played brilliantly today.  His remaining schedule includes players in 8th, 7th, and 2 tied for 6th.  Kramnik and Aronian still have to play each other with Aronian as white.  I think he will need a win there as Magnus will start winning more now.  This is the part of the tournament when players will start playing differently based on their standings, either taking risks, playing it safe, or giving up depending where they are.

  • 4 év ezelőtt


    There will be no surprise if Carlsen wins this tournament. He deserves to win because he demonstrates the best competence in playing chess. His superiority over the others is quite noticeable.

  • 4 év ezelőtt


    Missed the action today, so as always, your coverage of this, and all things chess, is greatly appreciated. Good job !! 

    Can't see MC stumbling at all now, so as predicted/expected bring on the champ, Magnus awaits !

  • 4 év ezelőtt


    This is a fantastic tournament. I wish Carlsen or Aronian win it at the end. Now if they only make the world championship match 24 games long...

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