Man Stabbed to Death ‘Over Chess Dispute’

  • PeterDoggers
  • on 2014. 01. 13. 9:28.

On Sunday morning a 39-year-old man was found stabbed to death in Dublin, Ireland in what detectives believe may have been a row over a late night game of chess. A man covered in blood was taken into custody and said to officers that a dispute started when an illegal move was played. This was reported by several British media.

One of the questions in the newly launched Chess Personality quiz goes: “After losing a game have you ever broken something or yelled out loud?” On Sunday it became clear that playing an illegal move can provoke even bigger emotional reactions.

Several British (and later international) media reported on the horrific death of Tom O’Gorman, a 39-year-old researcher who was attacked and badly mutilated at his home in the Castleknock district of west Dublin. Mr O’Gorman’s Italian lodger, who “calmly” called the police himself, was arrested. His face and clothers were covered with blood.

The scene in the house was described as ‘like an abattoir’ and the two officers, who found the body shortly before 2am on Sunday, would reportedly be sent for trauma counselling.

Why does this news reach Well, as it turns out the accused told officers that “a row stemmed from Mr O’Gorman engaging in a chess move that was against the rules.”

You can find some articles on this story below:

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  • 3 év ezelőtt


    SurprisedFrownCryYell I don`t think you should do that.


  • 3 év ezelőtt


    I think this story has another side which we dont know...$€£

  • 3 év ezelőtt


    Perhaps he just got a bit confused about how to play the Fried Liver attack?

  • 3 év ezelőtt


    no betting in any sports...

  • 3 év ezelőtt


    the first documented murder in antarctica was also because of a chess duel. 

    I tried to look it up:

    Russia banned chess then at the station....

  • 3 év ezelőtt


    There was a famous incident in the United States where a wife shot her husband dead over a game of Bridge. Some people take these things too seriously.

  • 3 év ezelőtt


    Checkmate irl

  • 3 év ezelőtt


    Its a game...

  • 3 év ezelőtt


    Being a chess player doesn't mean your a non-violent-professional or mentally balanced person.

    Chess does not kill people. People kill people.Frown

  • 3 év ezelőtt


    I want to find out that the 'illegal move' was actually an en passant capture.  I'm then imagining the killer getting to prison and playing his first game of chess.  

    "What are you in for?"

    "Some punk tried cheating me with some wierd pawn move, so I cut his a$$"

    "You mean en passant?"


  • 3 év ezelőtt


    Well  does  the  Major  know,   wars  have  been  fought  over  less....Negative  sum  games  with  nothing  to win..

  • 3 év ezelőtt


    Hope it wasn't over en passant. I've been in arguments over that rule numerous times. Does anyone else play with old people who try moving their pieces to squares their pieces can't go to?

  • 3 év ezelőtt


    And the pawn first in "En Passant*.

    Also spell it correctly as most people here haven't.

    Minor details like this provoke violence. :)

  • 3 év ezelőtt


    Always move the king first when you castle...

  • 3 év ezelőtt



  • 3 év ezelőtt


    I wonder how this is just even possible.

  • 3 év ezelőtt


  • 3 év ezelőtt



  • 3 év ezelőtt


    His right liver...?
    What about his left heart?!

  • 3 év ezelőtt


    My orginal chess teacher told me he always plays for blood...

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