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    At 11:30, is Qa4+ a good move?

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    Danny, youre always very entertaining, I love your videos more than watching "true blood" ...LOL. thank you...

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    Very instructive games. Your second game was most instructive as I find myself entering these types of structures as Black quite often. The transition into the endgame and the final endgame evaluation was a treat!

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    @ Danny

    As a Scotch player myself, I really enjoyed the first game here especially. Don't give up on the Scotch! Especially since it's usually better than whiskey.

    Happy holidays, half decent+ New Year to you and your family, and keep on rollin' out these Live Sessions in the future.

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    Your ranting is awesome.

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    Nothing is wrong with 5.Nc3 because when Bb4, 6.Nxc6 bxc6, 7.Bd3

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    Lovely! Happy-happy holidays and a great new chessyear to chess.com !

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    New to twitter. #BlindfoldedBlitzFollower

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    Thanks Danny - I was really hoping for a Christmas live session and you didn't disappoint! Would you ever consider not immediately recapturing with Nxd4 and instead playing Bc4. 



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    In the description, it's "nail BITER," not "nail BITTER."

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    IM Rensch, ...you rock.

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    Merry Christmas guys

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    Tiberius? Really? Are you named after Capt. Kirk??

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    Entertaining and useful as always.  Thanks for a great year of videos!

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    2-0! Great live sessions happy holidays Danny! Smile

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    This improved the quality of my Christmas Eve. Love the Live Sessions!

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    IM DanielRensch

    Happy Holidays to you Constantine! I hope all is well...

    I will do as you wish! More variety of openings. I played 1.d4 until roughly 2300 and I've been considering switching back to 1.d4 in my repertoire... So maybe we'll use these Live Sessions as serious training games, huh? Tongue out


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    another amazing and awesome video Danny

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    I love live sessions, but I was really hoping for Santa to bring us Pawn Structure 101!

    English attack please :)

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    Thank you Danny and happy holidays to you and your family.  Maybe you can start playing some different openings in these Live Sessions?!  Maybe d4 stuff, maybe a French or a CK vs 1.e4 by your opponent etc.  I know you might not know these as well, but you still know them much better than 99% of the Chess.com members!  Laughing And it'd be a nice compliment to your Pawn Structure series videos as we'd all get to see you play some different pawn structures and set-ups. Just a thought!  

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