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    Cool and all the work!
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    Great stuff!

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    Thanks for the game!

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    Great game and lesson there Danny! It was good to hear the ideas behind the Ne7-g6 and d6, e6 and a6 pawn moves. I'm hoping I won't be caught out by stronger players tactically when facing this again.

    Good to see you back! Cool

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    on 22:38 why dont u play nf5 seems like a good move

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    Nice comeback video, thanks. :)

    But I don‘t (at least not totally) agree with your gambit philosophy. There *are* gambits where you don‘t want to create lots of threats but rather want to destrict your opponent‘s pieces. Why do I know that? David Pruess told me (and us) in his first video http://www.chess.com/video/player/conquering-cochrane-concepts of the Cochrance Gambit.

    Of course at a general advice your "gambits tips" are great, but - as all chess tips - there are exceptions.

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    I believe the main move after black plays Nge7 is for white to play Bg5.

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    IM DanielRensch

    @melvin and teh - What browser's are you using? Please always include your browser information when posting comments like that, it helps us to identify and attack the issue faster. 

    @everyone else - It's good to be back Wink


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    It's great to have the 'Live Sessions' return.

    its the best series on chess.com....

    I wish I could calculate as fast as you do. How can I learn this?

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    Nice Madonna reference! As a child of the 80's I understood the arcane, deep cultural undercurrents of this complex mythology. The Gods of MTV only reveal themselves to the chosen few.

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    Danny - thank you for another highly instructive and entertaining live sessions! Please continue bringing this series back - it's the best one!

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    good game :)

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    This is very strange....... This video won't play. All the others work fine. I even tried other websites, youtube, etc. and they play, so I don't think it's my computer.

    Very disappointing, as I really like Danny's videos. Guess I'll have to watch a rerun......

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    Thnks for showin some critical line ...like Nd4 f5 and showin how to calculate

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    TACKTITCO!!! my new favorite word!!! Laughing

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    nice long video....!

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    good  video

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    Though the game was just a few moves, you made a very instructive video. Thanks, you're the best.

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    Someone should ban the spammer, "Sherearter".  

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