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    Thank you for such an excellent lecture. It took me hours to transcribe the moves, but it was worth it. Now I'm going to have to take some time to go over this entire series. I don't agree with people who call the dragon "refuted."

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    Keaton Kiewra is a master video lecturer.

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    Excellent series.

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    At 22:55, after dxe5, why not Ne6 forking the black king and queen? Then if BxN, QxQ.  What am I missing?

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    thanks for he video

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    I am starting to see why I lose so much playing black in the dragon.  There are a lot of critical moments for black - one false move and you're dead.  Keaton has 10 videos in this line and each one is densely packed.  Maybe this is not the line for me?

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    I like 16. rdg1

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    A very interesting and well-prepared lecture!

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    WGM axvesik

    nice! can't wait for the g4 line :)

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    IM pfren

    The Soltis is an excellent opening choice, if you don't mind losing against a total patzer who's just more booked-up than you.

    Personally, this is the very last variation I could possibly make a video for newbies.

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    Very sharp lines! Fun stuff & super instructive. Thx much IM Kiewra!

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    English GM Jonathan Mestel recalls receiving a telegram from the British Chess Federation at the World Student Chess Olympiad in Mexico City in August of 1977 that read  "Miles says beware of American analysis of 13. Rdg1."  He said he had not the slightest doubt as to which position the telegram referred.  It was the Soltis Variation of the Yugoslav Attack vs. the Dragon Variation of the Sicilian Defense.

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    At 2:43 (I forgot the move number), white moves his bishop to b3, and the text move is Rc8. Why not Na5, forcing a trade of white's (stronger) light-squared bishop?

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    Enjoyed it. Just the fact some of the top players are playing it shows it must be a pretty good move. 

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    Too much for me to remember in one sitting. will view again later... very useful info...

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    This was a cool video but the dragon never came out?  I was waiting for the dragon to come out and eat all the chess pieces?  

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